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Will They Strike Lucky This Christmas?

Christmas is a time for joy and celebration – but serious crime can be even more devastating if it happens in the holiday season.

An invasive, upsetting crime, burglary is possibly even more tragic at Christmas. While there is a risk of being burgled throughout the year, it can be greater at Christmas. New items may be on display, and the Christmas tree may illuminate the gifts underneath, making them look inviting to a burglar. Burglars often target items they can easily carry – such as laptops, jewellery, and money.

Figures from Halifax Home Insurance revealed a 25 per cent rise in burglary claims in December. We urge homeowners to stay on guard against would-be Grinches eyeing up present hauls stored in homes across the country. In the lead up to Christmas, homes are more likely to be left unattended while parties are in full swing and the mad rush to buy last minute presents is underway.

With many people out at Christmas drinks parties not returning home until late at night, it can provide the perfect opportunity for thieves to slip into houses unnoticed and have their way with the rich pickings, likely to be made up of the latest gadgets and expensive accessories.

Top tips for keeping your home safe at Christmas

Don’t leave gifts on show

It’s always nice to see presents under the tree but if the tree is near a window, the gifts offer
would-be burglars with a tempting invite. If you do keep presents under the tree, try to keep them out of sight from the window. Leaving something in a branded bag can give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘window shopping.’

Leave a light on

As it gets dark earlier, thieves have more time to target homes. Keeping lights on when you’re not home makes it harder for them to identify which properties have people still in them. Draw the curtains and set a timer for your lights so that they go on and off in different rooms using energy saving bulbs to suggest that people are in.

Everything must go

Just as you wouldn’t leave a handbag on display in your car while out shopping for gifts or in the sales, don’t advertise any shopping left in the car. Keep more expensive items at the bottom of the boot and ensure that there’s a parcel shelf hiding your bags. Aim to park in well-lit areas and secure car parks.

Lock your windows

Outdoor Christmas lights are often powered from a power source inside the house and fed out through a window. Always double check that all doors and windows are locked before leaving the house and don’t forget about any windows that have wires running out of them.


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