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Warden Call Systems

Safecell have been working in the social care sector for many years, and have subsequently gained vital and professional experience in installing and maintaining emergency Warden Call Systems. We currently design, supply, install and maintain Warden Call Systems for community services such as Nursing Homes, Care Homes and Sheltered Housing Schemes throughout the North West.

Our Systems

Our systems are an essential tool for any organisation that cares for the elderly and vulnerable. They help to give them their independence back. Safecell’s Warden Call Systems are user friendly, allowing total peace of mind and flexibility of use for both the vulnerable individual, and staff members. It’s our goal to provide residents and patients with a fast, yet efficient system whilst ensuring the best value for money. Our Warden Call Systems can be 24 Hour Monitored through to an off-site emergency response service or through to on-site staff. Types of Warden Call Systems:
  • Warden Call Intercom – This is an alarm and communication system designed for housing schemes. It is able to store all alarm call and activity data on a local memory card. The system provides emergency alarm signalling facilities and enhanced door entry control.
  • Ceiling Mounted Pullcords – Most commonly installed in bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. The Pull cords are connected to the users Intercom System and once pulled an alarm will sound indicating help is needed.
  • Dispersed Alarms – Designed to give the user more independence. This is best suited to the elderly and vulnerable people living in their own homes or as part of a housing association. It gives the user more independence and is connected through a telephone line. If assistance is needed the user can press the unit or a pendant linked to the unit.
  • Pendants – If the user is in need of assistance then they can use a pendant which once pressed will either be connected to on-site staff or a remote monitoring station.

Site Survey

As with all of our services, Safecell will attend site and produce a full site survey in order to identify any concerns or courses of action required and from there we will produce the quotation. This allows us to install the perfect tailored system to secure your company. We will always work around yourself and will attend site at a time best suited to you.