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Top Tips On Hiding Valuables At Home

Safecell Security are a one of the UK's leading Security System Installers. Not only that, we are known for giving out great security advice and top tips into helping keep your property secure and your belongings exactly where you left them. Keep reading to find out our Top Tips On Hiding Valuables At Home.

Recent Statistics have shown us that there is a burglary almost every 40 seconds across the UK. Times that by days, weeks and years and you’re looking at millions of properties damaged and millions of pounds worth of valuables stolen. We can't stop burglaries from happening, but, we can certainly prevent them to the best of our abilities. You may work hard for your belongings or you may have something of huge value to you and our Top Tips On Hiding Valuables At Home will certainly come in handy to you.

What are our Top Tips On Hiding Valuables At Home?

Our Top Tips On Hiding Valuables At Home starts with your loft. Your loft/attic is somewhere where burglars will most likely never look. Why? They don't have the time to start climbing around up there in hopes of finding something. They tend to want to be in and out as quick as possible. Hiding valuables in your loft is great if they are sentimental and don't come out all that often.

Keep those old jars/tins. Your kitchen cupboards, may come in handy more than you think. Whether it is cash, keys our jewellery, re-using your old tins to store them in will make for a good hiding spot. As we said before, burglars want to be in and out and they won't think twice about looking in a can of beans.

If you have a child’s room, find a hiding place in there. According to a former burglar it is a written rule to not enter a child’s room. So hollowed out books, toy boxes or even under the floor boards are your best bets in keeping your valuables safe.

Mark your property. Using a UV Pen is invisible to the burglars but not to police or buy and sell shops. It only takes a few seconds, but, those few seconds can help you get your property back if it is found after a burglary. That is the end of our Top Tips On Hiding Valuables At Home, we will be back with another blog soon that will provide you with advice, tips and value. You can also take a look at the domestic security systems we install across Manchester. CCTV, Intruder Alarm