Mr Holt
28th September 2016
Steve Parfett
28th September 2016
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Ian Hayes

“As Insurance Brokers specialising in Commercial Insurance we are often asked to recommend a Security Company who are able to Install and Maintain Alarm Systems. Recommending organisations in such circumstances can often lead to problems when the company concerned do not meet the expectations of our customers. However, we do not have any reservations in recommending the Safecell Security Group. We have placed them in touch with many of our Commercial Policyholders and the feedback from them has been nothing but complementary.

Their work is of the highest order from speed of initial installation and the little amount of fuss involved in carrying out the annual maintenance, to providing useful advice on securing the property properly. Additionally, for an accredited Security Company their pricing structure is competitive. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the services of The Safecell Security Group to anybody who wishes to protect their property.”

Tel: 0161 762 9936