17th October 2017

Let Us Protect You This Halloween With Our Security Systems

Knock Knock, Who’s There? Who is really under that mask? Let Safecell Security protect you and your family this Halloween. We offer a wide range of […]
8th November 2017

Follow These 8 Important Safety Steps & You Could Save Yourself a Lot Of Money

Your home and possessions can be at risk to anything from sneaky burglars to accidents & overheating appliances. Follow these 8 important safety steps according to […]
14th December 2017

Safecell Security Keeping You Safe This Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner burglary is on the rise. Are you Commercial or are you Domestic? Don’t worry we cover both! We can offer […]
4th January 2018

Why A Security Camera System Is Important For Your Home & Your Business

Why A Security Camera System Is Important For Your Home & Your Business Over the festive season there has been a numerous amount of attempted break-ins […]
15th March 2018

You Probably Hide Easter Eggs Better Than You Hide Your Valuables!

You probably hide Easter eggs better than you hide your valuables! If you’re going to hide your golden goods, make sure you keep it somewhere really […]
28th March 2018

“A bill of over £500 for nine minutes”

“A bill of over £500 for nine minutes” Do you think this is value for money? If so, stop reading now! https://www.theguardian.com/money/2018/mar/24/adt-security-alarm-repair-cost-engineer Don’t worry, here at […]
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