16th July 2018

Our Four Reasons Your Small Business Needs Security Systems

    Our Four Reasons Your Small Business Needs Security Systems Opening you first store location for your small business can be a feeling you will […]
7th August 2018

Do you have the right to protect your family in your own property?

  The CPS also known as the Crown Prosecution Service has answered popular questions about where you stand with the law when it comes to protecting what […]
12th September 2018

There’s Nothing Worse Than Making A Mistake On A Slashed Budget!

Is your school getting a budget cut? Is your Security provider taking a large sum out of your budget? We are here to help and explain […]
29th January 2019

This Is The Reality Of Faulty, Non-Compliant Security Systems In Housing Associations

The young, the old, the vulnerable and your team are the ones who can suffer a fatality due to a non-Compliant, faulty Security System. We work […]
10th December 2020

Installing CCTV in the workplace

Many workplaces already have CCTV but if you’re thinking about installing CCTV in the workplace, Alison Driver of Metis HR shares her tips to reduce concerns […]