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12th September 2018
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Security In Schools Is A Priority


Without the proper priority Security in Schools, Intruders can freely make their way onto School Property during the two most crucial periods of the day: during school hours—while all Staff and Pupils are in attendance, and after school hours—while certain Staff and Pupils may still be inside the building, taking part in extracurricular activities.

There’s also the growing concern for issues such as…


Vandalism: damage to School property and Staff’s cars.
Arson: setting fire to and on School property.
Burglary: stolen property like School Computers, iPads, and valuable teaching equipment.

A poor security system can be costly…in more ways than one


When it comes to implementing solutions to improve security in Schools, some schools attempt to hire non-professionals to help to try and keep the costs down. This can really do more damage than good in regards to Safety and Security in Schools. The main Security “Solutions” that some Schools attempt to tackle on their own are the installation of Access Control, Closed-Circuit Television System (CCTV) and Fire Alarms. All of which can have negative consequences when installed without the help of a specialist. This guide is aimed at helping you and your School make more informed decisions when purchasing or upgrading your Security equipment, as well as how to avoid the hidden costs of a poor Alarm System.



Take a more in depth look at security systems in schools


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