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8th November 2017
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4th January 2018
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Safecell Security Keeping You Safe This Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner burglary is on the rise. Are you Commercial or are you Domestic? Don’t worry we cover both! We can offer you a Security Camera System, Burglar Alarm Installation and Access Control Installation. Click here to view all the services we can offer you. As a Security company that the Northwest of England trust please find below tips that can save you and your property this Christmas.

Don’t leave gifts on show
Whether it is gifts under the tree at work or at home it gives you that extra Christmassy feel. If your tree is near a window, you will be offering burglars a tempting invite. If you do keep presents under the tree, try to keep them out of sight from the window. Don’t let the term window shopping mean something else.

Leave a light on
As the dark nights are now here at 4pm, thieves think that they have more time to target properties. Keeping one or two lights on when you’re not in the your property makes it harder for them to identify which properties have people still in them. Alternatively draw the curtains or blinds and set a timer for your lights so that they go on and off in different rooms.

Christmas Shopping
If you are out for a day shopping or shopping on your lunch break, don’t leave any shopping left in the car on display. Keep more expensive items at the bottom of the boot and ensure that there’s a shelf hiding your bags. Aim to park in well-lit areas and secure car parks. Remember to lock your vehicle

Lock your windows
Do you have Outdoor Christmas lights on your property? They are often powered from a power source inside the house and fed out through a window. Always double check that all doors and windows are locked before leaving the property and don’t forget to double check any windows that have wires running out of them.

If you have any Security Systems use them
If you have any Security Systems make sure they work and are turned on! If you don’t have any Security Systems or your Security System is faulty click here to contact us.

Don’t leave discarded boxes of expensive items (e.g. TVs, iPads, desktop computers) outside the house after Christmas or if you’re lucky and your boss treats the office to new hardware. Don’t leave it outside the office. They simply advertise what’s been added to your property and allows burglars to work out where they should focus their attention.  

If you have been a victim of a burglary, Victim Support provide free services to help you through the ordeal

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