What Intruder Alarm Is Best For You?
12th June 2018
Do you have the right to protect your family in your own property?
7th August 2018
What Intruder Alarm Is Best For You?
12th June 2018
Do you have the right to protect your family in your own property?
7th August 2018
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Our Four Reasons Your Small Business Needs Security Systems



Our Four Reasons Your Small Business Needs Security Systems

Opening you first store location for your small business can be a feeling you will never forget. This is something you have been working so hard for all your life, so why wouldn’t you protect it?

You’re excited, you’re living the dream and opening your first business location. Throwing money at the building to make it look how you want, throwing money at the furniture and equipment you need but what is the one thing you have forgotten? Security! To many Business owners neglect the Security needed.


Here are our reasons your small business must have Security Systems.

1. Burglar alarms help make a wannabe Intruder think again!

On the off chance an Intruder doesn’t get worried once triggered the piercing noise will make them scatter. You Intruder Alarm can also

Small businesses that don’t have obvious alarms surrounding them are vulnerable to even the most inexperienced criminals.

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2. CCTV Security Systems 

CCTV monitoring is one of the most common forms of surveillance available today. In fact, it is so popular that most businesses (of all sizes) employ some form of CCTV protection system. A well-designed placement of your CCTV protection system can render 100 percent security coverage.

Not only do CCTV Camera Systems prevent and reduce chances of theft, but they also provide real-time video surveillance which will be invaluable if needed as criminal evidence. And, as the small business owner, you can determine where to put them to guarantee they are in high-risk areas.

For small business owners, CCTV cameras can also assist in boosting employee productivity as workers tend to operate more efficiently and to a higher standard when being monitored. Due to the fact they capture many moments in the business, CCTV cameras can resolve internal business disputes and put a stop to sexual harassment.

Depending on the niche your business operates in, CCTV video surveillance systems may be necessary to ensure lone worker safety. For example, if an accident or dangerous incident were to occur, then a high-quality surveillance system would be able to send an instant alert to ensure the employee is safe.

Keep in mind that in many industries, CCTV video surveillance systems are actually required to comply with governmental safety regulations.


3. Access Control Systems 

Taking the lead of bigger businesses, many small businesses are upgrading their lock systems to access systems. Both are used to ensure unwanted guests are not able to enter, but access controls are faster and a lot safer.

Access controls usually consist of a gate entry system or a keyless entry system, which gives you as a small business owner less hassle to unlock or lock doors, gates or entries. Instead, you open and close them remotely!

In addition to making your life easier and reducing the hassle you have to deal with, access controls are also a lot more customizable and cannot be duplicated, like keys can. In terms of customizing, you can set it so that your manager has greater access than your employees, or you can give access dependent on a case-by-case basis.

Plus, access controls enable you to keep up-to-date records of everyone who has entered and exited the premises.



4. Fire alarms can not only save your business but your employees!

The above three are not the only necessary Security Systems for small businesses; fire alarms are also integral. If you want to (and you absolutely should) protect your property and your employees, then you need a high-quality fire alarm system.

So much destruction can be prevented by the early detection of fires. Especially for a small business, the damage that could result from a fire can rapidly kill your chances of success.

Did you know only 30% of business recover from a fire! Not a lot is it? Don’t be apart of 70% who can’t recover from a fire, get protected.

Protect your business, your employees and your dreams and invest in a fire alarm system.

Does your small business have on-site security systems? If not, why? What is stopping you from investing in the future of your business? Let us know in the comments below!