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7th August 2018
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29th January 2019
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There’s Nothing Worse Than Making A Mistake On A Slashed Budget!

Is your school getting a budget cut?

Is your Security provider taking a large sum out of your budget?

We are here to help and explain why Closed Protocol Systems are costly!


One of the most common and costly mistakes we encounter is the installation of Closed Protocol Systems. Closed Protocol Systems are often chosen due to their lower installation costs, but the price soon starts to increase when you consider replacement parts and on-going Maintenance. Closed Protocol refers to the practice of only being able to use the services and parts from a specified Provider, meaning that there is no requirement for the Provider to be competitive. This leads to increased costs for parts, alongside higher Call-Out and Maintenance charges. Furthermore, any required upgrades to your systems are conducted at a time dictated by your Provider, taking the control away from you, the Customer.


In comparison, an Open Protocol System puts the power firmly back in your hands. With more choice of components and suppliers you can ensure that you are getting the best price possible, putting more money back into the School Budget. Here at Safecell, we have successfully worked with organisations across a number of sectors to migrate them away from their existing restrictive Systems, onto Systems that suit their current needs and are adaptable based on any new needs that arise. This applies to Fire Alarms, Access Control, Intruder Alarm and CCTV Systems. We are here to protect your premises and save you money in the process. Take a look at what Security Systems we can provide to protect your school!




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