You Are At Risk If The Right Security Systems Are Not In Place
19th March 2018
“A bill of over £500 for nine minutes”
28th March 2018
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Imagine an Easter Egg To Be The Contents Inside Your Commercial Building. When An Open Flame Gets Close, This Easter Egg Will Melt

Imagine an Easter Egg to be the contents inside your Commercial Building. When an open flame gets close, this Easter Egg will melt, until eventually it is a mess on the floor. Your Commercial Property will be the same if you do not have the correct Fire Safety Systems installed.

Over 70% of Businesses involved in a major Fire either do not re-open, or subsequently fail within three years of the Fire.

Fire damage comes with potentially devastating repercussions, Loss of Equipment, Crippling Financial Losses, Loss of the Business itself and in some tragic cases, loss of life.

Is it a Conventional or Addressable System that your Business requires? Here at Safecell we can accommodate your needs.

We also have the option of 24 Hour Monitoring for your Fire Alarm System. This can be either Keyholder Response only or linked to Emergency Service Response.

Aspirating Smoke Detection, allows a warning to take place before an open flame emerges, along with the outbreak of intense Smoke, therefore allowing critical and rapid response to the Fire, helping saving both your life and your Business.

Safecell are ‘BAFE’ and ‘FIA’ approved, and specialise in the Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems.


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