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12th September 2018
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10th December 2020
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This Is The Reality Of Faulty, Non-Compliant Security Systems In Housing Associations

The young, the old, the vulnerable and your team are the ones who can suffer a fatality due to a non-Compliant, faulty Security System.

We work with a number of Housing Associations all over the North West. We understand the procedures and problems that you encounter.
One of the main problems Housing Associations face is that you are governed by having to send everything out by tender. The pitfalls for this is that certain companies will win the tender because of the cheap price they have given. You know the saying “buy cheap, buy twice. These companies will then throw in a closed protocol system, with no regards to how it is installed. This leaves everyone in your Housing Association vulnerable.

If a Fire Alarm was thrown in and a fire was to rip through your premises it would not just be all those important documents that have been destroyed it could be many lives taken.




As an accredited company who get inspected every year, you can be sure the works will be carried out to the highest of standards. We will install a system that meets all current standards and above, we will maintain your system yearly to make sure it is fully functioning and still meets the required standards, we will offer you a chance to get reduced callout rates, we will only be a phone call away and we will be the best value for money option.

Why are we telling you this?
We want you to join the for ever growing list of Housing Associations that we work with and protect, and to know that the cheapest price can kill.


WitHousing Associations uk Manchesterh the demand for more Housing Associations to be built increasing, you need to make sure you are using a reliable, trustworthy and an accredited company. Not only will this give you piece of mind it will make sure you are meeting all your insurance requirements.

Housing Associations sometimes find themselves in a bit of a pickle due to just going off best price wins it.


We can all agree when we see a low price, we just want to grab it quick. Sometimes you need to take a step back, compare the quotations and make sure you are getting a like for like system, service and equipment. The reality is if something is just thrown in, it can be fatal for a resident or a staff member.

Just whilst we are on the subject of making your Housing Associations as secure as possible. The ERA Lockdown UK is a free standing security barricade device that can be deployed in an emergency situation in seconds, keeping occupants safe inside and the threat out. It works completely independently, so a room without locks can still be secured. ERA Lockdown UK is also ideal as a secondary solution to lock down a door at speed, buying time. Locating keys and locking a door isn’t necessarily an easy task in an emergency situation. In today’s world, terror in the uk isn’t a distant menace, it can strike at the heart of our communities – airports, schools, Workplaces, bars and restaurants. The public is being educated to run, hide, tell. ERA Lockdown can quickly secure the door to a hiding place, buying precious from the terror UK time before the security services arrive. You can click anywhere on the previous text to be directed to our sister company, who will give an in depth look at what ERA Lockdown is really about.


Don’t wait until it’s too late! A premises and lives can be at risk Call us on 0161 762 9936