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Location, Location, Location is one of the main things we all think about when looking at buying or renting a new property. Every potential home buyer will have a checklist that will range from what needs updating to what needs replacing. However, more often than not, there is one thing that is missed off checklists and that is the security systems on the property.

Home Security System Install

Criminals, burglars or whatever you want to call them, are only getting wiser and growing in numbers. There are many preventives that can be taken to discourage them from your property and make them move on down the road.

Home Security

Here is what to look for, when looking at a new property.

1. Doors and Windows

Two of the easiest ways that a burglar can enter your property are via the doors and windows on your property. Although rarely seen but they are still around in older houses, single glazed windows are weak and can easily be broken be it a door panel or window. You can have the strongest door in the world but, if the lock installed is of poor quality, entry can be gained in seconds.

2. Fire Safety

House fires are getting more and more common and fire safety measures seem to be getting less common. A simple smoke alarm can save your life and your property. Look out for smoke alarms and where they are positioned. The rule of thumb is to have one on the landing and one downstairs in a hallway or kitchen.

3. Outbuildings/Storage

Sports equipment or just items, wherever your decide to store them be it a shed or garage, make sure that they have adequate security measures in place. The last thing you want to do is move into a new property and put your belongings in a unsecure outbuilding.

4. Intruder Alarm

Check to see if your house has an Intruder Alarm. Not only that, make sure it works and get all codes off the previous owner/tenant. If you can get the code it makes it much easier for us to come in and service it and make sure it is all in working order. If there is no Alarm on the property, call us on 0161 762 9936 and book in your FREE Site survey.