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Follow These 8 Important Safety Steps & You Could Save Yourself a Lot Of Money

Your home and possessions can be at risk to anything from sneaky burglars to accidents & overheating appliances.
Follow these 8 important safety steps according to a norgescåsino blog and you could save yourself a lot of money, headache, and time – and even enjoy some peace of mind along the way!

1. Be sure you have locked your windows and doors
This may sound simple, but many burglaries are actually unforced – meaning thieves gain entry through back doors and open windows. Developing a routine of walking around your home checking the windows and doors before leaving the house of going to bed will stop these minor oversights costing you dearly

2. Alarm installation
House alarm installations are a great deterrent – but only if they are switched on! A false alarm is better than having treasured possessions stolen or being woken by someone in your home during the early hours.

3. Scare thieves with a sensor light
Motion sensors put burglars off as crooks don’t want to be under the spotlight when up to no good. The higher up you place them, the wider the area they illuminate.

4. Any expensive valuables?
Don’t leave valuables such as laptops, iPads and games consoles out in full view. Thieves want easy and valuable targets they can grab and carry. Portable devices are just what they are looking for.

5. Get your keys out of sight
Keep your keys away from the front door. A small hand or a bent piece of wire through the letterbox and a skilled thief could snatch your house and car keys.

6. Fake it
Give the illusion that someone is home by drawing curtains and using timer switches to bring lamps on at different times and maybe a radio to help foil anyone who may be nosing around.

7. Don’t make their lives easier
Ladders and tools can come in very handy and make the job of breaking in a lot easier for a visiting burglar. Make sure you store them out of sight.

8. Invest in a Security Camera System
Burglars do not liked to be watched.


Safecell provides a comprehensive range of Security Systems and Solutions designed to meet the individual requirements of your home or business. By making use of integrated security systems, and state of the art technology, you will have the peace of mind you desire. With over 20 year experience in the security industry, we can find the best, and most suitable solution for you. Call us today on 0161 762 9936.

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