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Most Fire Alarm/Detection Systems Don’t Cause False Alarms


Most Fire Alarm/Detection Systems don’t cause false alarms; it’s the mismanagement of them and this is where they will cost you money. They will cost you money due to:

·         Loss of production

·         Disruption due to staff evacuation

·         Unnecessary release of retained firefighters

·         Possible future charging for attendance by fire and rescue services

·         Increased insurance premiums

·         Out-of-action machinery due to shutdowns triggered by alarms

·         Loss of customers


There has been a staggering £43m paid in claims for commercial fires caused by arson, electrical faults and electrical equipment.

Modern well maintained systems rarely suffer equipment malfunctions but it is estimated that False Alarms cost the UK in excess of £1 billion a year. False Alarms must be stamped out! Even one, is one too many. We are on a mission to stamp out False Alarms and we need your help.

Did you know 80% of businesses fail within 18 months of a major incident?


We won’t just save you money, we will save you your business!

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