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14th September 2018
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18th October 2018
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Tips On – How To Keep Your School From Being A Victim This Halloween!




Whether you look for advice on the internet, in a book or are asking around, you will find that the best protection for your school is physical Security Systems. This can include: Fire Alarms, Intruder Alarms, CCTV and Access Control.


Schools that are most at risk are those with poor security, especially if the potential burglar knows they have weak security systems and that nobody is occupying the premises at night. 


Did you know! A vast majority of burglars gain entry through an unlocked or open window or door!


Here are some tips to help keep your school from being a victim of burglary

  • Lock doors and windows in all parts of the school. If in doubt go around the school again!
  • Use good quality to the right British Standard Locks on all exterior doors. Our Sister company Authorized Access can help you with this
  • Adding Security Lighting to the perimeter of your school can be a good deterrent. You can have these so that they light up after motion is detected. They also make good deterrents as it keeps the areas of the school well lit. This means burglars cannot work under the cover of darkness
  • Timers on interior lights can be a good deterrent, if your school is unoccupied for a period of time
  • Do you have outgrown bushes at your school? Get Rid! They are the perfect hiding places for wannabe burglars
  • Mark your equipment. If you are broken into and valuables are taken but recovered, the police will be able to identify the goods as yours
  • If you see anything unusual, report it!
  •  Do you have CCTV, Access Control and a Burglar Alarm on your school? Let the burglar know. Your Security Systems should always be visible. They are a valuable deterrent and can provide an audible warning that an intruder has or is gaining entry into your school


There are several important reasons why you should use an ‘Approved Company’. The most important being that you can be assured that all work and procedures are being legally carried out, and that they comply with the latest British Standards. All insurance companies will advise you to use an Approved Company such as ourselves. Safecell are ‘SSAIB’, ‘BAFE’, ‘FIA’ and ‘Safecontractor’ approved. All of our staff are police vetted and security screened.


Don’t delay, call Safecell today! – 0161 762 9936 or you can contact us here.



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