Frequently Asked Questions

1Can we work on all systems?
We can work on the majority of systems, however in some cases the engineering code from the previous security company may have been “burnt” into the panel. If this is the case and you are unable to provide us with this code or we are unable to crash and re-programme the system then the main panel may need replacing.
2Do we offer Maintenance Contracts?
Yes and each Maintenance Contract differs depending on the system. We have our technical engineers on call 24 hours a day 354 days a year for our Maintenance Contract customers.
3What is a Monitored Alarm System?
A Monitored System means that the system is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to an Alarm Receiving Centre and in the event of an activation, a nominated keyholder will be contacted. Monitoring can either be Keyholder Response only or Emergency Service Response.
4Can I be given a price for an installation over the phone?
Each system is unique to the customer and building, therefore a free site survey will need to take place and this will be followed by a quotation.
5If my alarm activates how long will it sound for?
The bell-box will sound for 20 minutes due to environmental policies or until the system is de-activated.
6Can I have an Intruder Alarm if I have pets?
Yes, we install “Pet-Immune” Detectors which analyses the difference between an intruder and a pet signal without compromising the security of your home.
7Can we install systems that can be viewed via a smart phone?
We can install Intruder “APP Function” Panels which allows you to set/unset, view and control and receive notifications through your smart phone. We also install CCTV systems which can be viewed from your mobile as long as you have a smart phone and a broadband connection.
8Can CCTV Systems be viewed at night?
Yes, all of our systems have IR which allows clear images throughout the dark nights.
9Can we offer systems on a ‘supply only’ basis?
As an accredited company we only supply and install our systems, allowing us to guarantee the quality of the system.
10Do we remove all waste from site?
Yes, all waste is removed and disposed of accordingly.