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22nd October 2018
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6th November 2018
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There are two holidays coming up in the next week that see a drastic rise in crime!

Do you know the Security Systems in your School are having a huge impact on your budget?

Do you know False alarms cost £1 Billion per year?

Do you know if your School has a major incident there is a chance you will be a part of the 80% of schools and businesses that do not re-open? 

Halloween allows potential burglars to use masks as a disguise and Bonfire Night allows potential burglars to use the sound of fireworks to cover their breaking in methods.


Improving Security in Schools

When it comes to implementing solutions to improve security in schools, some schools attempt to hire non-professionals to help to try and keep the costs down. This can really do more damage than good in regards to safety and security in schools. The main security “solutions” that some schools attempt to tackle on their own are the installation of access control, their closed-circuit television system (CCTV) and fire alarms. All of which can have negative consequences when installed without the help of a specialist. This guide is aimed at helping you and your school make more informed decisions when purchasing or upgrading your security equipment, as well as how to avoid the hidden costs of a poor alarm system.


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