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Safecell are one of the leading CCTV Installation Manchester and maintenance companies. You will be glad to know that all of our CCTV Engineers are police vetted and qualified. As a business or consumer, this will be sure to put your mind at ease. Why? Because you know that there isn't just a random, untrustworthy CCTV Supplier in your property. It also gives you the confidence that your CCTV install will be installed to high standards. We are not any CCTV Installation Manchester Company, we are an accredited company which complies with all insurance requirements for our customers. Your CCTV Installation doesn’t only help to discourage potential burglars, but if the worst was to happen, then having CCTV System Installed can help catch those who have taken from you.

As a leading CCTV installer Manchester our CCTV Installations can be IP, Network and HD.

  • Why we use IP and Network? – By getting an IP CCTV System fitted, it will allow you to have more user functionally with the App Function and NVR. Are you currently looking for a CCTV Fitter Manchester? You will be pleased to know that, if you currently have an IP CCTV System installed it can save on the CCTV installation cost.
  • Why we use HD? - A CCTV Installer will tell you, that the quality of an image is so vital when it comes to getting CCTV installed. It can help define and capture the intruder and even allows you to capture the smallest of crimes. Our High Definition Cameras range from 1080xp to 4K.

Our highly trained CCTV Installers are able to carry out a CCTV Installation across multiple buildings that lead back to one location and can be viewed anywhere in the world at any time. So whether it is a single camera CCTV Installation System protecting the rear of a property or a fully functional multi-camera required, Safecell have the answer.

As the times move so do we. Here at Safecell, a leading CCTV Installation Manchester company, we embrace the ever evolving technology that is involved with CCTV Cameras. At Safecell Security, we are able to offer systems that link through to your smart phone or a smart device that is compatible for live viewing no matter where you are in the world. We take great pride in all of our systems and only use the highest quality equipment and the latest leading technologies.

As a leading CCTV Installation Manchester based company, we have installed multiple CCTV Systems across domestic and commercial properties. We have even installed major systems in retail parks and football stadiums. This is another reason as to why our customers have a bunch of confidence in us to carry out a CCTV Install to an exceptional standard.

CCTV Installation Cost Near Me

Any CCTV Installation Manchester based company should carry out a site survey. As with all of our services, Safecell will attend site and produce a full FREE site survey in order to identify any concerns or courses of action required and from there we will produce the quotation. This allows us to install the perfect tailored home CCTV systems or commercial CCTV Systems. We will always work around yourself and will attend site when is best for you. Take a look at why a Home CCTV System is something you should enquire about here.

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