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Car Dealership Security UK

It truly doesn’t matter what industry you’re in— security is crucial to the success of any business. Without a proper understanding of security, you leave your company vulnerable to theft, robbery, and vandalism. As they are a prime target for thieves, a quality security system is especially important for car dealerships uk—but what constitutes a quality system? Are lot cameras enough? Alarms? Do you need a guard?

Unfortunately, security doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. What’s sufficient for one company, may be far from it for another. Worse, a mediocre security system can actually create more problems than it prevents reducing workplace productivity, becoming a nuisance to neighbouring businesses, and causing unnecessary police call outs.

Even though it takes time to learn what precautions are best for your business, there are some points to keep in mind when planning security for your car dealership uk — both in regard to the risks of a poor system and how to set up a proper system.

Technology in cars is increasing, but are the Car Dealerships UK keeping up?

Consumers understand the importance of security just as much as business owners, and, as a result, security technology in vehicles is continually evolving. Gone are the days where a thief could easily break into a car with a coat hanger and driving off into the chop shop. Stealing a modern car requires specialised tools—and the owner might still be able to kill the engine at the nearest stoplight, but are dealerships keeping up? In most cases, the answer is a resounding no. Many attempts at car dealership security are so mismanaged or poorly implemented they cost the company more than they save. These costly failures often lead owners to simply abandon most or all their efforts.

The hidden cost of Intruder Alarms Car Dealership Security UK

Intruder alarms have always been a go-to security solution for businesses as they provide a cost-effective way to keep out, well, intruders. However, faulty, poorly maintained intruder alarms come with hidden cost that can hurt your business in the short and long-term. Primarily at the fault of false alarms. False alarms can result in:

-Lost Productivity When an intruder alarm is set off, it alerts security guards, police, and yourself of a potential threat. Regrettably, alarms can be inadvertently set off anytime, and intruder or not, you still have to speak with the police, monitor your car lot and dealership, find out what triggered the alarm, and potentially lose hours of sleep. This trouble alone may be enough to consider another car dealership security system—especially if it becomes a regular occurrence.

-Unnecessary Police Call Outs to Car Dealership Security UK Setting off the intruder alarm alerts the police to rush to your dealership. This is, of course, beneficial to your car lot security system if there is an actual threat, but if it’s a false alarm, you’re wasting their time.

If a Car Dealership Security UK is causing too many false alarms, your police call-outs may even be revoked. Having police assistance revoked can create difficulties with your insurance and puts you in a vulnerable position if an actual security threat occurs. Also, you have to consider the time law enforcement wastes when responding to a false alarm. The same police officers can’t be in two places at once, so if they’re at your lot, they aren’t helping people who may really be in trouble.

-Nuisance to Neighbours Having a good relationship with those nearby your Car Dealership Security UK is more important than you might imagine in regards to car dealership uk security. By forming a trustworthy and stable relationship, you’re able to trust that they will also look out for your dealership. Naturally, having an alarm system constantly going off can be a significant annoyance to your neighbours and may potentially hurt your relationship. Additionally, if your alarm system is continually being triggered without an actual threat, over time, your neighbours may come to expect it’s a false alarm anytime they hear it. Then, when a genuine security problem occurs, they take no action.

-Environmental Fines for Noise Pollution from Car Dealership Security UK One of the worst situations you can find yourself in is falling into a legal case because of a car dealership security system that was supposed to keep your business safe. If your alarm disturbs your neighbours, you could face legal penalties for noise pollution. In fact, you could end paying up to £500 –and that’s if you respond to the notice, remedy the problem, and avoid being prosecuted. Another potential penalty is a prevention notice for a faulty alarm, which would require you to repair or replace it, adding even more costs to the situation—not that you would want to keep a faulty alarm to begin with!

A modern and well-maintained car dealership uk security system rarely faces any malfunctions, but it does happen. In the UK alone, false alarms have cost £1 billion a year. That’s why our mission at Safecell Security is to solve the problem of false alarms. We aim to help every individual or business with ensuring the safety of their property. Not only do we wish to keep your car dealership safe, but we also want to boost employee productivity and overall workplace safety.

Fire can be expensive, but so can “false fire” Much like false intruder alarms, false fire alarms can cause serious issues for your dealership. They hurt the economy, create unnecessary callouts for firefighters, incur potential penalty fees, and increase your insurance premiums. This is a list of problems you definitely don’t want to deal with.

-Loss of production and disruption due to staff evacuation If your fire alarm goes off, your entire staff has to cease working and exit the building until it’s determined safe to re-enter. All alarm protocols must be followed whether it’s a false alarm or not—and that can waste some serious labour hours.

Not to mention, your customers also have to leave the building, which very likely means they’ll also leave the lot, and you lose sales. You may also experience a drop in customers if your dealership is known for having regular false alarms. No one wants to deal with that headache. Your own staff may even begin looking for new work.

-Unnecessary call of firefighters Just as false intruder alarms waste police time, false fire alarms waste firefighter time. More so even, as when firefighters come to your Car Dealership Security UK to handle an alarm, they don’t just leave when it’s realised it was a false alarm. They have to speak with present staff and carry-out the standard protocol. This timely process takes them away from actual emergencies that may be happening. False alarms can potentially put others in danger.

A more comprehensive monitoring solution for your Car Dealership Security UK Moving on from what could go wrong with your car dealership security system, let’s explore what you can do right. Your car dealership faces several complex security and business issues. It doesn’t matter if it’s auto loss prevention or customer and employer safety, monitoring your car dealerships’ security is crucial to having a smooth business operation.

Trusted car dealership security entails using several methods to increase the protection of the property. Adding several layers of security makes it more difficult for any chance of theft, robbery, or trespassing. As a dealership owner, you’ll want to regularly perform assessments on risk management because of the number of outdoor assets. Some cars on the lot may lack protection against potential crime.

The vehicles on the lot are high-value inventory vulnerable to theft and other forms of damage. Any issues with the cars can have a significant negative impact on your business. Adding layers of car dealership security cameras and video monitoring would be the first step in ensuring a safer and more secure car lot. Elements of a Quality Dealership Security System While as mentioned, what security measures your dealership needs will vary based on your situation, some typical layers of protection for a car dealership security system may include:

-A clean, well-lit layout: All areas of your dealership should be well-light and visible so that all inventory has a clear line of site to building windows or busy roadways. This prevents thieves from lurking in the shadows—literally. Areas with poor visibility or lighting, in particular, are more prone to vandalism.

-A professional closed-circuit television (CCTV) system: Superior car dealership video monitoring service can help catch both external and internal thieves allowing you to weed out unproductive employees while catching bad guys in the process. You want a system that is reliable, efficient and maintains long-term video footage of the premises. CCTV footage can be helpful for insurance or liability claims, as well as criminal charges, should something occur on your lot.

-Tow-prevention efforts: One common method car thieves use at dealerships is simply pulling up to a car with a trailer, loading it up, and driving away where they can acquire access at a private location. Retractable spike strips or other security measures that can be lowered during business hours coupled with high-curbs that limit entrance areas can help reduce people entering your lot when they shouldn’t be doing so, but likewise keeps thieves from trying to tow vehicles off.

-False-alarm free intruder and fire alarms: While intruder and fire alarms, can as expressed, cause major problems, a well-designed and managed system is a true asset to your crime prevention efforts, particularly if that system has 24/7 monitoring by a reliable car dealership security company. -Access control protocols: Access control protocols such as keypads protecting exterior and interior doors can help reduce break-ins while simultaneously keeping employees out of restricted areas.

-Vehicle key safety measures: Right in line with access control, the keys to the vehicles on your lot should also be well protected during and after business hours—it’s much easier to steal a car with a key after all. High-security safes or lock boxes are an excellent option.

-On-site guards: Finally, if you have a very large lot or crime has become a serious issue in your area, it may be worth hiring an on-site guard or even guards. Nothing beats a live person when it comes to car dealership security given they are adequately trained and do their job. In fact, often the mere presence of a visible security guard is enough to deter theft and vandalism. However, as over-night personnel can be expensive, this option isn’t always practical. Additionally, in many cases, it isn’t necessary either if all the above steps are well-taken.

Take steps to maximise your car dealership uk security with Safecell A Safecell security system will not only help with finding perpetrators but also help you rest easy knowing your dealership is protected, and there will be no false alarms. We’ll install a security camera system covering the forecourt, showroom, service area, office, and perimeter to ensure you have a clear view of all areas of your dealership.

These high-quality cameras will also be used to reduce false claims of damage against you. The video proof will be the evidence you need to find culprits and also protect yourself against any potential fraud. All successful car dealerships have strong security systems, and you should be no exception. At Safecell, we provide a comprehensive car dealership uk security system guaranteeing safety from theft or vandalism. We pledge to bring next-level protection, so you can have the peace of mind that knowing your property is safe brings. Our team fully understands how much you care about ensuring each car is ready to be bought and used by your loyal customers. Safecell promises our comprehensive security system will help with the continued growth of your dealership. Keeping those who don’t need to be in…out

At Safecell, we aim to provide you with the highest form of security for your Car Dealership Security UK. The first line of defence against any damages is to ensure the critical areas of your building are safe from any potential threat. Imagine using several different layers of security making any crime nearly impossible to commit. Each layer is making it more and more difficult for a criminal to act.

We’ll implement an access control system giving entrance to certain areas of your car lot and office building for employees only. This is a neglected part of car dealership security many people posing to be customers take advantage of. Many dealerships fail to use a control system allowing only employees to enter specific rooms. Without this system, your offices and highly important management rooms can be breached, potentially resulting in massive losses and bringing a wave of unnecessary stress you don’t want to deal with. You also need this for employees who may find sensitive information you need to keep your lot and everyone safe. With Safecell, we can promise your company information will stay confidential and only be seen by the people you choose.

Safecell understands every security issue you may face at your dealership. We know vandalism, car theft, and robbery are massive problems every dealership could potentially deal with, but by working with us, you significantly reduce those chances. Our team guarantees the protection of your cars and any valuable items on your property. Safecell’s combination of security cameras, trusted locks, and other signature safety procedures are more than capable of giving your car lot the security it deserves.

Productivity in the workplace Our security system allows you to monitor every part of your dealership effectively. Every room and corner will be protected and seen to ensure not only safety but also boosting workplace productivity. Safecell won’t just protect you from outside security problems, but potential issues from inside your building. Our monitoring system gives you the ability to see what everyone is and is not doing. You’ll have eyes and ears everywhere making sure your employees are hard at work and not wasting their time, which is also your time. We understand you want your team to keep contributing as much as they can, and our camera system lets you better determine who is and isn’t pulling their weight.

Safecell’s systems assist in boosting employee productivity because you can clearly see who is producing and contributing to your dealership. You’ll appreciate and trust those who you see working hard and replace those who don’t. Also, with our systems, you’ll have the right technology to limit the number of false alarms that occur thereby increasing the amount of time your employees are serving customers. Working with The Safecell Group means you care about your car dealership security. We’ll be side-by-side, working together with you to prevent potential security issues at your dealership. Our systems guarantee your safety and the safety of your employees along with every vehicle in your possession. We aim to make sure your investment is safe.

Our sister company Authorized Access can also provide a safe storage solution for all of your car keys, so there is virtually no chance of car theft. Authorized Access will keep your keys safe from harm’s way in a locked, protected key safe. The safe will only give access to your employees, and no one else. We promise to keep your keys out of the hands of people they don’t belong to. We don’t stop at safes we can provide your car dealership with Gates, Bollards. Upgraded Locks, Key Cutting services, Padlocks and Chains.

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