There are two holidays coming up in the next week that see a drastic rise in crime!
23rd October 2018
Most Fire Alarm/Detection Systems Don’t Cause False Alarms
13th November 2018
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Was It A Bang Or Your Shutter?

It’s the perfect opportunity for them to strike!


Bonfire Night is the golden opportunity for burglars to get in and ransack your car showroom.

What do you do when you hear a bang on bonfire night? You dismiss it as a fire work, the thought of it being a door going through or a shutter getting ripped off wouldn’t even pass your mind.

With bonfire night being next door to Halloween there will also be lots of people still wearing masks so with the bangs and disguises it can make your property an easy target.

CCTV is one of the biggest deterrent for thieves, if they know they are being watched they most likely will stop. Intruder Alarms scare off burglars when they sound. The sound of a Burglar Alarm Stands out from the noise of fireworks. Upgraded Locks, Gates and Barriers will also help prevent these thieves from gaining entry and destroying what allows you to put food on the table for your family, as well as destroying the business you have worked so hard for.

We thrive in making sure your buildings and all of its contents are protected. Together with our Sister Company Authorized Access can secure your property with Locks, Gates and Barriers, to installing/upgrading Intruder/Fire Alarms, CCTV and Access Control.

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