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18th October 2018
There are two holidays coming up in the next week that see a drastic rise in crime!
23rd October 2018
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Are They Welcome?


Are you a Halloween lover and answer the door to everyone, or do you turn all the lights off and keep the door locked, giving the impression nobody is in and hope they will eventually just go away?

This year let the Trick or Treaters know if they are welcome or not. Please print off signs stating if you want Trick or Treaters.  Place your chosen sign in a visible place where everyone will be able to see it.

Here are some of our top tips to help you with keeping safe this Halloween

Keep it Lit!

If you are staying in or going out, be sure to keep your home well lit. Turn on a few lights around your home to give the impression that someone is home and still awake (you can even use timers). Have big over grown bushes where people can easily hide? Keeping well-lit areas outside your home will deter potential intruders or malicious pranksters by eliminating hiding places caused by shadows.

Do you have a Security System? Use It!

If you have Security Systems on your property make sure they work before Halloween arrives. There would be nothing worse than finding out the Security Systems protecting your home and being the biggest deterrent to burglars do not work and your house being left vulnerable.

Keep Safe at Home!

You hate to imagine that criminal people will come to your door on Halloween, but it could happen and does happen. This is another instance when you can make great use of your security cameras. If you want to take serious preventative measures, you could mention that you are observing from inside through use of the CCTV.


If you need any help or advice with your Security Systems we can help you. Please use our contact page or you can call us on 0161 762 9936.




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