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Access Control Systems

Using the latest technologies in Access Control Systems, Safecell are not only able to secure your business, but also your employees. Our Access Control Systems are able to give you peace of mind and control over who leaves and who enters your premises. Through state of the art Intercoms, Keypads and Fob Readers, we are able to protect your building with all methods and forms of Access Control Systems.

As well as creating a barrier and giving you the control of who can gain entry to your premises, our systems also allow you to monitor staff absences, staff punctuality and also link the Access Control to the Fire Alarm System. This can be vital as it gives you the ability to monitor people who could possibly still be in the building in the event of a fire, which could potentially save lives. Access Control Systems can also be linked to gates and barriers. This can be very useful for ensuring staff are using the correct parking facilities and also to stop unknown individuals gaining entry.

All of the systems we install are bespoke to each customer’s requirement as everyone’s level of security will differ. Whether it is a One-Way System, or a Multi-Site Operation linking buildings around the world, whilst providing stocking levels and staff flexi time information, Safecell will be able to provide the solution and at the very best value for money option.

Some of the Access Control Systems we offer include:

  • Audio Door Entry – allows the user to speak to the individual wanting to gain access before they are allowed to enter.
  • Video Door Entry - video telephone allowing the user to view the caller at the entrance, speak with them and have control of their access.
  • Anti-Vandal Door Entry – a robust system giving protection against vandalism.
  • IP Door Entry - this system can be integrated within your telephone system and connected as another extension.
  • One-Way Systems – a simple system which is an intercom linked through to only one phone.
  • Multi-Site Systems – these systems are linked across multiple floors and sites.
  • Stand Alone Systems - Stand-alone devices only require a power supply and locking device. To gain access the user will need to provide an access code, proximity key fob or fingerprint.

Site Survey

As with all of our services, Safecell will attend site and produce a full site survey in order to identify any concerns or courses of action required and from there we will produce the quotation. This allows us to install the perfect tailored system to secure your company. We will always work around yourself and will attend site at a time best suited to you.